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Vertrex Swim Vibe - 150mm - 85g

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 LENGTH  150mm / 6"
 WEIGHT  85g / 3oz
 DEPTH  Up to 50m / 160ft
 HOOKS FITTED  BKK Inline Singles
 USES  Casting / Vertical Jigging
 LOCATION  Inshore / Offshore

Unique Pat. Pending Design that Swims when sinking and vibrates when lifted, the first time this has ever been incorporated into the same lure. Typically fished in shallower water in lower current situations. The Vertrex Swim is NOT a bait that you can simply straight retrieve. There is a specific lift and pause technique that needs to be used with this bait for maximum effectiveness and this can be seen on many of our Vertrex Swim YouTube tutorial clips.

Product Code: VSWIM150-BM

The VERTREX SWIM (pat. pending) is a unique swimming soft vibration bait. It is the first lure of its kind that swims when sinking and vibrates when lifted creating an irresistible combination for any species. The finely tuned body shape and internal weight combination glides and swims when sinking, imitating a lifelike swimming baitfish. Lift the rod and it vibrates and let it freefall and it swims, there is simply nothing like the Vertrex Swim.

The Vertrex is extremely versatile but is best fished with a fast-lifting rod action to create vibration, followed by giving it slack line to swim down. Following the lure as it swims down to stay in contact and reduce slack line will increase your hook-up rate. The Vertrex features a full wire internal construction for extra strength and is fitted with the ultimate BKK hooks so you can fish it straight out of the box.

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