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Jump onboard with Matt Scholz and experience the topwater GT action of Australias Great Barrier Reef.
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Matt Scholz

Matt loves every type of fishing from conventional fishing, fly fishing and spear fishing. He has turned his passion into a career and now you can find his adventures on YouTube while he still learns...more and more about fishing but also is teaching through his channel along the way. Matt grew up learning the ropes alongside his dad and their hobby soon became an obsession for Matt, constantly travelling all over Australia and overseas to try and catch some rare but massive species.

Mick Hasset

Growing up and living in Mackay, QLD for the last 35 years has been good to me. I have been lucky enough to have been brought up on and around the water since a very...young age and it shows in my addiction to fishing. Fishing to me, it is my happy place, something I can do to get away and switch off from the rest of the world. Having grown up with A.D.D I am known to overthink and over analyse all types of fishing scenarios and I will not rest until I have learnt something new.

Isaac Fenech

The biggest thing that inspires me to go fishing is simply being outdoors and exploring the many beautiful places that this sport can take you! My favourite style of fishing is definitely any form on the Great Barrier Reef, whether it is slow pitch jigging down deep or throwing top water lures over the flats I really do not mind. There is just so many species to catch, I love the lucky dip factor!

On Strike - Exmouth

Capt Josh Bruynzeel is a hands on, passionate and totally committed skipper. He is highly regarded as one of Western Australia’s top sport fishing Captains. With many tournaments wins and accolades to his name, and only job is to catch you fish! Josh has travelled extensively throughout the world chasing dream fish – Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia, Mexico, Hawaii, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand and many more destinations of piscatorial pursuits. Josh has fished in Exmouth for over 20 years and has a plethora of local knowledge to put you onto that special fish and loves fishing with both the experienced and novice angler. The joy of learning something new off an old sea dog or helping an amateur to secure their first billfish or sportfish is what Josh strives for!

Nathan Huizing

To me, fishing has always been more than just going out and catching a fish. It is the opportunity to connect with nature, explore areas that most would not know existed, creating memories with good...mates that will last a lifetime and finally, the never ending goals you are able to set for yourself. In Australia we are fortunate enough to have a huge variety of some of the best sport fish in the world and for that reason it is too hard to narrow it down to a favourite species. However, my favourite way to chase any species is either with topwater or at least sight fishing as it adds a whole new level of excitement to the experience.

Shane Kimlin

Guy Mcconnell

Growing up with the jumping pin as my backyard, fishing and the ocean has always been a huge part of my life. Weather it be chasing Bass in the local impoundments on top water, or...slow pitch jigging on the shelf, I find most forms of fishing enjoyable. In recent years fishing for Flathead has consumed a lot of my time and in result seen my team and myself at the pointy end and even winning the Gold Coast Flathead Classic over the past few years.


My love for the water is what keeps me coming back for more, and fishing naturally follows that love. Combining the two passions is a perfect match. Living in the UAE makes it easy to...access the waters for fishing around the east and west coast with many different species to target. Not to mention access to other astonishing locations… Jigging stands as my favoured fishing technique, as it keeps the adrenaline pumping through my veins, especially with a lighter setup. Of course, I also enjoy the excitement of topwater fishing, who wouldn’t?