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A guide to slow pitch jigging, equipment & techniques. Learn what Slow Pitch Jigging is all about, how to catch more fish and when to use it.

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Watch our Australian Team show you the slow pitch techniques that are deadly on deep reef species and why deep fish like Snapper, Trout, Tuna, Cod and emporer all cannot resist Slow Pitch Jigs presented correctly.

Explore how Nomad Design’s “Crafted by Experience” philosophy has been involved in Slow Pitch Jigging from the beginning, we have pioneered techniques and tackle for slow pitch jigging in Australia and these are equally applicable to US deepwater species. You need the right gear for slow pitchg jigging and we have the jigs, rods, braid and other gear you need to be effective on the water.

Tips & Techniques

Slow Pitch Basics

slow pitch jigs

Nomad Design

Slow Pitch Jigging Rods are highly specific and unique looking rods, which feature actions that are very moderate and very parabolic. They use highly evolved, lightweight, and strong blanks, but require a rod with the correct tip stiffness to impart action on the jig in deep water.

The Nomad Design Slow Pitch Jigging Rods also feature the Helix 30T system of Japanese high end 30 Tonne Toray Carbon. The deep bend through the entire blank of the rod, dictates no large foregrip to interfere with the rod’s action.

Slow Pitch Jigging Rods depend on a reel with strong drag constantly monitored during the fight, to counter their lightweight parabolic nature.

Nomad Design

Slow Pitch Jigging Braid needs to be a high quality PE line that features extreme strength and low diameter. This creates less drag to slow or affect the fall of the Slow Pitch Jig. Slow Pitch Jigging Braid alternates colours at specific intervals, allowing anglers to constantly monitor jig depth.

The best Slow Pitch Jigging Braid features a super tight weave for smooth travel through guides and superior strength. Nomad Ammonite Jigging Braid has an incredible 36 weaves per inch. Most Slow Pitch Jigging Braids offers a coating to maintain waterproof and provide stiffness. Nomad Design Braid features a Hydroslick technology coating.

Nomad Design

Slow Pitch Jigging requires a good Tackle Management System. The Nomad Design Jig Wallet features a unique Mesh Hook storage system that lets you pre rig your Slow Pitch Jigs with the proper line pound test and have it ready for use instantly.

Many Slow Pitch Jigging Tackle management Systems have an optional, customizable insert you can add to the Jig Wallet as your collection grows. The Nomad Design Jig Wallet has this optional insert available. Adding this insert will double the storage capacity of the jig wallet.

Nomad Design
Jigging Accessories

Slow Pitch Jigging Hooks come in many sizes and styles for shallow reef fishing, to deep big monsters, to speedy pelagics like Tuna. The best Jigging Hooks come with high quality cord that allows the hook to flutter free yet maintians strength. Nomad uses BKK 5X Hooks with quality solid rings.

Split Rings are an integral part of the Slow Pitch Jigging system, connecting the jig to the assist hook via the solid ring.

Split Ring Pliers allow for quick changes of jigs without having to re-tie your mainline as well as general rigging purposes. A handy tool for any jig or lure angler.

Jigging Gloves are an important part of Slow Pitch Jigging. They provide grip and control over the very thin rods with no foregrip and small reels with big drags. Good Slow Pitch Jigging Gloves have strong double stitched leather palms for grip and protection when working with thin braid.


Cutting edge features

gorilla through wire

Unique designed through wire body system for added strength.

Made with BKK Hooks

BKK hooks mean confidence with every hook set.

Helix 30T

Helix30T blanks utilize the latest in 30 Tonne Toray and precise carbon wrapping construction.


The Hydroslick braid coating creates a smooth finish on the surface of the braid.