Split Ring Pliers
Split Ring Pliers
Split Ring Pliers
Split Ring Pliers

Split Ring Pliers

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- Aluminium Construction 
- Stainless Steel Split Ring Jaws
- Tungsten Carbide Cutters
- Durable Pouch with Lanyard Attached

Medium Pliers
Perfect for #3 to #10H Split Rings

Large Pliers
Perfect for #8 to #11H Split Rings


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The NOMAD DESING SPLIT RING PLIERS have undergone years of testing across the globe. They are made from an aluminium construction, with stainless steel split ring jaws and tungsten carbide cutters, making them the toughest, strongest, and most reliable split ring pliers on the market today. The extra thick join on these pliers prevents them from distorting, meaning your cutters and split ring openers will be open and ready to use every time you pick them up!

The integrated cutting blades cut braid and mono easily and will keep cutting for a long time. The cutters have been removed from the jaw area to avoid non-intended damage. 


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