FAST FOOD FOR BIG PELAGICS! Trolling at over 15knots, forget the troll weights, the Squall Runner High Speed series runs super fast straight out of the box.

worlds fastest trolling lures

INTRODUCING THE WORLDS FASTEST TROLLING LURES. The all-new Squall Runner series is 3 totally different lures, with vastly different actions that all troll at 15-18 knots. ! The Squall runner series consists of:

  • The all-new DTX 180 HD (Heavy Duty) 10-12ft depth at 18kn+
  • The all-new Madscad 190 AT (AutoTune) 2-3ft depth at 18kn+
  • The world famous Madmacs range - 3-6ft at 18kn+

This really is a revolution in the high speed trolling industry with all high speed trolling bases now firmly covered.

DTX 180 HD

The DTX 180mm Heavy Duty is a revolution in trolling minnows with it's high speed action at shallow depths.

Featuring the Patented Autotune System, Metal Matrix Plate System, Diamond Armour Internal Strength System and Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet Technology - the DTX minnow is in a class of its own and is now the fastest trolling Minnow in the deadly DTX spread!

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The Madscad 190 Autotune will change the way you troll for trophy fish! With a totally unique action at high speeds, the Madscad AT brings a whole new level to high speed trolling.

Featuring the Patented Autotune Technology, Metal Matrix Plate System and Diamond Armour internal strength system - capable of absolutely wild speeds of over 18Knts!

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world famous

The world famous MADMACS is a sinking super high speed wahoo and tuna lure capable of being trolled at speeds of up to 20kn for the 6" - 8" Model, up to 15kn for the 10" Model and up to 15kn for the 5" - making this a deadly part of the Squall Runner series.

Madmacs has been a staple in the Tuna trolling speed throughout the USA in Southern California, Florida and the NE region and is primed for locations around Australia and the world for chasing large tuna.

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