chug norris

The Chug Norris is the undisputed king of the waves when it comes to poppers. Designed to be the ultimate popper, the Chug Norris represents maximum action for minimum effort when popping offshore or inshore, combined with a shape that allows an amazing walk the dog action when worked slow across the surface. We believe it captures all the best attributes of a popper. Years of experience have gone into designing the ideal shape that not only excites fish but is super easy to work. The ultra-deep cup face design is round at the bottom and square at the top. The curved body contours may not be noticed at first, but these subtle attributes are what helps make this lure unique. The cup shape was tested extensively to get the perfect balance between grip in the water, noise and bubbles, rough water performance and minimal angler effort. The Chug Norris makes that awesome thumping ‘pop’ as the cup catches the water’s surface and it sticks to the water’s surface, reducing the dreaded popper tumble. ​ When subsurface the Chug Norris displays an awesome swimming action that just makes fish go wild with a huge bubble trail and body wiggle. Aerodynamics mean it casts like a bullet as well.

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Chug Norris 5050mm3.2gSurfaceFloating PopperBKK 1X Trebles #14Casting
Chug Norris 72 AT FR72mm10gSurfaceFloating "Walk the Dog Action"BKK 1X Trebles #8Casting
Chug Norris 9595mm21gSurfaceFloating PopperBKK 4X Trebles #4Casting
Chug Norris 120120mm43gSurfaceFloating PopperBKK Diablo 5X Singles 3/0Casting
Chug Norris 150150mm83gSurfaceFloating PopperBKK Diablo 5X Singles 5/0Casting
Chug Norris 180180mm140gSurfaceFloating PopperBKK Diablo 5X Single 9/0 & 11/0Casting
NEW CHUG on the block
chug 72 with Autotune™ towpoint

Chug churns the water with a surface “walk the dog” style or a straight pull and pop technique like no other top water available.  The secret is the Patented Autotune™ System tow point. This allows a freedom of movement that ensures an erratic yet natural presentation.  The Autotune™ lets you pop it hard for a huge splash or work it super slow to turn a full 180 degrees from side-to-side like a “walk the dog”. The Chug gives you a variety of options seldom achieved with a standard top water lure.

chug norris
built tough

Like his name, Chugs are built tough. Initially developed to target Giant Trevally, Chug Norris features heavy duty construction. The 150 and 180 models are fitted with Metal Matrix Plate System. The Matrix Metal Plate system features a unique design incorporating a stainless steel plate into the body mold of the lure. Smaller Chugs feature our welded Gorilla through wire system. All Chugs come fitted with BKK hooks and terminals.

Chug Norris

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Chug Norris
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