One of the most unique designs for a casting lure you will ever use. The Maverick can be worked at least 4 different ways to entice a bite. It is a combination of a popper and floating stickbait, and something we have worked on for a long time to perfect with the ultimate balance and action.

The cupped head and air chambers going through to the underside of the body have been designed to force bubbles along the side of the body, where they hug the sides of the lure creating a unique rolling swimming action. It can be worked in a ‘walk the dog’ style, as a swimming stickbait with a wild action, as a popper, or fast across the surface with an erratic action.

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Maverick 68 FLT68mm3.5gSub SurfaceFloatingBKK 1X Trebles #12Casting
Maverick 90 AT SUS90mm14g1mSuspendingBKK 4X Trebles #6Casting
Maverick 115 FLT115mm21gSub SurfaceFloatingBKK 4X Trebles #4Casting
Maverick 230 Roughwater SNK230mm140g1.5mSinkingNOT FITTEDCasting - Trolling 4-8kn
maverick 90 with Autotune™

Often claimed as the most fun lure-to-fish by tournament pros, the Maverick can be worked like a suspending jerkbait, slow rolled, walked across the surface, or get nuts and combine all three of these styles for the ultimate presentation to unsuspecting fish. The wide body roll when worked slow is incredible, but so is the erratic action when twitched, and then the occasional surface splash creates a lure that drives fish crazy.

how to use
the maverick

Designer Damon Olsen shows you the different techniques to fish the Maverick lures. The Maverick has revolutionised Barra casting lures and the tips and techniques used here work all over the world on all species.

How to walk the dog with the Maverick.
How to pop the Maverick.
How to slow roll the Maverick.

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