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Nomad Design R&D facility

From sketching an initial idea, to testing and filming prototypes in our swim tank through to colour design and rigorous on water testing, we apply decades of on water experience to the entire design and development process. Some products can go through years of R&D before manufacturing begins.


Lure concepts at Nomad begin as a sketch, drawing on a lifelong fishing obsession and the experience of the best part of a lifetime on the water.


Striving to meet our own stardards and expectations, innovation has become part of the Nomad DNA.


Hand tested in our R&D facility to achieve the perfect action and balance. Nomad products are then subjected to rigorous on the water testing to ensure they are deemed fit for purpose.

the AFN Tv Show
Product design & Testing

Nomad Design is committed to developing the best lures and tackle on the planet. This video goes through the development and testing process of Nomad Design lures. We are joined by the AFN TV show to understand the full process of design and development. We take products from an initial idea and then draw and design them, create the colours, prototype them and then take them in the field and test them in the toughest conditions. Come and explore with us the journey of how a Nomad product is made.

development process
dtx220 long range special

See how the Nomad Design lures are designed, tested and how they evolve from an idea in Damon's head into a working reality. The DTX 220 is used as an example, showing how complex the process is to convert a DTX 200 into a DTX 220.