The Riptide range features the exclusive Nomad Design Matrix Metal Plate, HD-ABS, Gorilla Through Wire and HD Foam systems on models throughout the range. The floating version has the perfect balance required to achieve that dynamic, strike inducing ‘S’ shaped swimming motion. A long sweep of the rod tip makes the head duck under with a splash, then as the water flows over the lures body a seductive body roll and ‘S’ wave action is imparted sub-surface. The sinking variety has the internal weights placed to maximize casting but also to allow the lure to be retrieved with a sub surface walk the dog action, which sees the lure able to turn nearly 180 degrees when retrieved slowly with a walk the dog “twitching” rod tip action. 

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Riptide 58 SSNK58mm3gSub SurfaceSlow SinkBKK 1X Trebles #14Casting
Riptide 95 Fatso FLT95mm13gSurfaceFloatingBKK 4X Trebles #6Casting
Riptide 105 FSNK105mm35gSub SurfaceFast SinkBKK Diablo 5X Singles 2/0Casting
Riptide 115 Fatso FLT115mm20gSurfaceFloatingBKK 4X Trebles #4Casting
Riptide 125 FLT125mm25gSurfaceFloatingBKK 4X Trebles #2Casting
Riptide 125 SNK125mm35gSub SurfaceSinkingBKK 4X Trebles #2Casting
Riptide 155 FLT155mm45gSurfaceFloatingBKK Diablo 5X Singles 4/0Casting
Riptide 155 SSNK155mm52gSub SurfaceSlow SinkBKK Diablo 5X Singles 4/0Casting
Riptide 200 FLT200mm90gSurfaceFloatingBKK Diablo 5X Singles 9/0Casting
Riptide 200 SNK200mm100gSub SurfaceSinkingBKK Diablo 5X Singles 9/0Casting
Riptide 105
Fast Sinking Action

All Riptide lures are finished with a super tough triple layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production, which makes the paint and finish super tough and durable. All Nomad Design Lures come fitted with the highest quality super strong BKK hooks, chosen to balance perfectly with each lure, and provide exceptional swimming actions and hookup rates for all species. Nomad Design Lures can be fished straight out of the box with confidence. 

Riptide 95 & 115
Inshore walk the dog

The Riptide 95 & 115 “Fatso” is a wider body version of the renowned Riptide design. It has been made as the ultimate surface walk the dog lure. It features an internal rattle, and is perfectly balanced for long distance casting. When twitched and walked in a side-to-side action, the lure can flick 180 degrees, from side-to-side, and can even be made to turn backwards on itself. It can be worked aggressively or can be worked in a very subtle and slow manner with just minor twitches of the rod tip and a subtle splash. However you work it, the Riptide Fatso is a fish catching weapon.

riptide action

insane session on riptides

casting riptide 105
for bluefin tuna

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