A Squid Vibe. Yes, it's a world first!
There has never been a lure that can do what the Squidtrex™ does. The SQUIDTREX™ uses Patented technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid shaped body. It can be jigged vertically both fast and slow, or cast and retrieved like a vibe.

  • Unique vibrating action unlike any other Squid lure.
  • Super strong TPE soft plastic.
  • Internal through wire construction & extra belly eyelet for stinger hook.
  • Comes rigged with super strong BKK assist hooks.
  • UV & glow colours.
  • 2% Squid scent added.

The soft TPE construction allows strength and durability matched with realistic movement of the tentacles which waft and wiggle in the water to entice bites when sinking or even at rest. Yes, it can be fished at rest or in a rod holder and is crazy effective!

How to Fish the Squidtrex™ - 95 - 150

There has never been a lure like the Squidtrex™ and there is 3 great ways to fish the Patented Squidtrex™ when jigging. Join the designer Damon Olsen as he explains the most effective ways to fish the Squidtrex™ for demersal reef species.

Don't forget you can also cast the Squidtrex™ at pelgic species such as Tuna and it's also incredibly effective.


Did you know the Mini Squidtrex™ have an additional front eyelet so you can use them as a shallow water twitchbait as well as use them for deepr jigging from the normal towpoint? Straight from the Designer Damon Olsen, learn how to fish the smaller mini Squidtrex™ and what makes them different.

The Mini Squidtrex™ have caught everything from bream to snapper to whiting, jew, cod, bass and everything else you can imagine.

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Squidtrex™ 9595mm32gUp to 40mSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist #1Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex™ 110110mm52gUp to 50mSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 1/0Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex™ 130130mm92gUp to 70mSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 3/0Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex™ 150150mm135gUp to 100mSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 4/0Casting - Vertical Jigging
Measuring a Squidtrex™

Measured from the short tentacles to the head to get the overall length.

Patented design
Finely tuned weight system

The Squidtrex™ is a vibration lure with Patented design, perfectly weighted the Squidtrex™ vibrates on the lift, has a subtle shimmy on the fall and sinks fast and level to get down to where the fish are.

Built tough with Gorilla Through Wire construction, durable TPE material and rigged with heavy duty BKK twin assist hooks.

squidtrex™ vibe

patented design


CAst & jig

squidtrex™ vibe

gorilla through wire construction

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