Warranty Policy

All products from authorised Nomad Design Tackle retailers come with a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defects starting from the date of purchase.

To be eligible for our manufacturer's warranty, you are required to provide proof of purchase.

If you have purchased any products through eBay or Amazon, please initiate your warranty claim directly through their respective platforms.


  • Products acquired from non-approved Nomad Design Tackle retailers.
  • Improper storage of the product.
  • Normal wear and tear occurring over a duration of time or use, which can be considered reasonable.
  • Our customer support team will determine negligence, lack of maintenance, damage, or abuse of the product.
  • Any use of the product other than its intended purpose.
  • Product used in extreme conditions.
  • The buyer's incorrect selection of colour or size.
  • Issues resulting from the buyer's failure to read the product description accurately.
  • Issues arising due to the buyer's failure to adhere to the care instructions.
  • Products that have been subjected to modifications or alterations without authority from Nomad Tackle Pty Ltd and Nomad Design Tackle Inc.
  • TPE products that are stored with different types of plastics.
  • Rod breakages resulting from fractures, boat rod holders, car doors, or improper product storage.
  • Rod breakages due to using a line heavier than the specification on the rod is rated for.
  • Rod breakages resulting from using a cast weight that exceeds the rod's rated specifications.
  • Rod componentry breakages or failures which has happened over a duration of time considered to be normal wear and tear.


Several of our products are crafted using TPE Ultra-Tough material, known for its strong and durable properties. This unique material enhances the resilience of our products, making them more resistant to nicks, cuts, and tears that can occur when casting into heavy structures or encountering large fish.

Similar to other plastics available in the market, it is crucial to avoid storing two different types of plastics together. Combining them can trigger a chemical reaction that may result in the deformation of the plastics.

Below are some guidelines for appropriately storing your Nomad Design Tackle lures made from TPE material:

  • Where possible, store your TPE lure in the original packaging – this is the safest option.
  • When storing your lure in a tackle box, make sure to choose a "worm-proof" box. These boxes are specifically designed not to react with soft plastic materials, ensuring the integrity of your TPE-based lure.
  • Avoid storing TPE lures together with non-TPE lures.
  • Please keep in mind that you can store TPE products from the same brand together. However, it is essential to keep them separate from TPE products of other brands and any non-TPE plastics.


Nomad Design Tackle rods come with a 2-year Expeditor Warranty for the original purchaser, starting from the date of purchase, and it is valid when purchased through an approved Nomad Design Tackle Retailer. The Expeditor Warranties cover any accidental breakages that may occur during the 2-year ownership of the rod. Claiming the warranty requires presenting the original proof of purchase and returning the decal section of the blank, as exemplified below. No questions will be asked during the claims process. During the Expeditor Warranty claim, replacement rods can be purchased at 50% of the standard RRP (Recommended Retail Price) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) for the replacement rod, as published by Nomad Tackle Pty Ltd or Nomad Design Tackle Inc. Expeditor claims are dependent on the availability of current stock at Nomad Tackle Pty Ltd or Nomad Design Tackle Inc. when sourcing a replacement. Kindly note that RRP / MAP pricing and rod models are subject to change over time, and this may impact the availability and overall outcome of certain Expeditor claims.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers are responsible for covering all freight costs associated with returning the decal section and receiving the replacement.