Braid & leader

Developed over years of testing by Nomad Sportfishing Adventures - one of the world's leading Charter Operations our braid and leader program is second to none.

panderra leader

gives anglers the ultimate abrasion resistance while retaining maximum knot strength.

tufflock leader

designed specifically for demanding lure and jig fishing applications.

Ammonite jigging braid

super tight 36 weave X8 construction.

Panderra braid

Highest quality japanese PE fibre. X8 Construction.

tufflock braid

Microweave & hydroslick technology. X9 Construction.

Cutting edge features


The 8 carrier construction, combined with the ultra-thin Japanese PE Fibre and unique MicroWeave braiding technology means that we use the thinnest diameter fibre to create the strongest braid.


The Hydroslick coating is a proprietary coating developed in conjunction with one of the largest braid manufacturers in the world. It creates a smooth finish on the surface of the braid and allows the fibres to cast more easily through reduced drag and to shed water quickly.

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