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Flathead fishing

A full Nomad guide on the best types of lures to target Flathead including lures for different situations their actions & techniques.


One of the most productive lures to catch bulk Flathead are Nomad Design Madscad twitchbaits. When twitched and paused, the Madscad has a side-to-side wiggle as it slowly sinks making it look like a wounded baitfish.

Watch Guy Mcconnel talk through how we works the Madscad AT Twitchbait in certain situations.


Nomad Jerkbaits such as the Styx Minnow, Shikari shallow minnow or Maverick Jerkbait are another solid go-to option for Flathead.

Shallow minnows have the perfect action for Flathead laying in wait, as they can be slow rolled or worked with a twitch. Mick Hassett gives us a rundown of when he likes to opt for the Jerkbait option to chase his Flatty.

squidtrex for flathead

The all-new Mini Squid range includes 4 snack sized Squidtrex with a realistic swimming action.

The mini Squids range can be slow rolled or hopped along with bottom with a slow sinking action to entice a strike from Flathead sitting in wait.

flathead on vibes

Nomad Design Vibes are a really effective way to target big crocs sitting in deeper holes, ready to pounce on unsuspecting baitfish.

With two specific actions, Vertrex Swim and Vertrex Max soft vibes present another unique option in the range with vibrations that Flatty just can't ignore. Watch the following video to understand the difference between the two.

Flathead Fishing

With Nomad Design Shikari Jerkbaits & Madscad Autotune twitchbaits.

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Deep Minnows for Flathead

Trolling or casting in the deeper water is another great option for targeting Flatty on the run. The DTX Minnow range has a great selection of lures that run right down to about 6.5m - making this a great trolling option.

Watch the following video of DTX Lure Designer and Nomad Founder Damon Olsen who runs through the smaller DTX Minnow range.

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