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Bluewater Trolling Range

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You can trust our decades of experience to provide you with the right lures for every saltwater hardbait trolling application. From the DTX minnow that dives super deep and always runs straight, through to the Madscad 190 that can be trolled at up to 16kn, there is a trolling lure for every species. 

The DTX minnow has proven itself as the world's best saltwater trolling hardbait for wahoo, tuna and every other pelagic species. It has set the standard by which all others are now judged. 

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  • DTX Minnow Sinking 165 - 6.5"

    Nomad DTX Minnow 165mm Sinking - Rigged with 7/0 BKK Inline singles. DTX MINNOW The New Standard in Bluewater Trolling Minnows The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows,...
  • DTX Minnow Sinking 200 - 8"

    Nomad Dogtooth Extreme Minnow 200mm Sinking Rigged with 11/0 BKK Inline Singles. DTX MINNOW The New Standard in Bluewater Trolling Minnows The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows,...
  • Madscad 190 Deep Fast Sink - 7.25"

    Nomad Madscad Deep 190mm - Sinking - 160g comes packaged & rigged with 11/0 BKK inline singles. Styled on the typical deep bellied baitfish that are so prevalent all over...
  • Maverick 230 Sinking - 9"

    Nomad Maverick Roughwater 230mm - 140g slow sink not fitted with Hooks. One of the most unique designs for a casting lure, this is a combination of a popper and...
  • Nomad Design Inline Eye Single hooks

    Nomad Design Inline Eye Single hooks - designed by Nomad to be the toughest and best inline single hooks. Perfect for rigging on all lures.
    From $9.99
  • Hollow Casting Braid

    Nomad Riptide 12 ply hollow core casting/jigging braid. Nomad 12 ply hollow core braid is designed to be the ultimate in supple bluewater casting braid. White in colour, with no...
    From $0.00
  • Nomad Riptide Flouro Coated Clear Mono Leader

    Nomad Design Riptide Leader is a flurocarbon coated monofilament leader that gives anglers the ultimate in abrasion resistance while retaining maximum knot strength plus the flexibility of monofilament leader. Riptide...
    From $16.99
  • Nomad Design Jigging Assist Pack

    Nomad Design rigged jigging assist pack of 3 size #1 5X strong
    From $6.99
  • Nomad Split Ring Pliers

    Nomad Tackle Custom Split Ring Pliers. The new Nomad split ring pliers are the toughest, strongest and most reliable split ring pliers on the market today. They have undergone years...
    From $8.50
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