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  • Chug Norris Popper 120 - 4.75"

    Nomad Design Chug Norris 120mm Popper 45g Floating comes packaged with BKK 3/0 inline. The Chug Norris is designed to be the ultimate popper! We believe it captures all of...
  • Chug Norris Popper 180 - 7"

    Nomad Design Chug Norris 180mm Popper 120g rigged with BKK 11/0 singles
  • Dartwing Floating 165 - 6.5"

    Nomad Dartwing 165mm Sinking - Rigged with Custom Nomad Double belly Hook and 4/0 BKK Tail hook. The Dartwing concept was created to mimic skipping baitfish, and entice any predatory...