Game changing innovation, ground breaking performance. Subject to rigorous strength and durability testing, the Nomad Design Heavy Duty range goes through a quality control process second to none to make it STRONGER, FASTER, DEEPER.


The next evolution of DTX - STRONGER, FASTER, DEEPER.

Heavy Duty embodies the next generation of Nomads ground breaking trolling range with the DTX 200 HD. Now equipped with Nomads latest Heavy Duty construction concept combined with a quality control process second to none, the DTX 200 HD is ready to take on any challenge. 

The core of the DTX's performance is the Autotune™ system. This patented system allows the DTX Minnow to self center delivering incredible performance and placing the DTX in a class of its own. The Autotune™ System in the DTX200HD is upgraded with a solid ring connection at the line tie point for unmatched performance and durability. 

To get the full rundown of the difference, the improvements through testing and how the HD range is better, check the following video


Metal Matrix Plate System replaces the original Gorilla Throughwire, with a stainless steel plate incorporated into the HDABS mold construction with additional strengthening to the tail section eliminating flex under load.  

Diamond armour internal strengthening, thicker shell and stronger ultra sonic welding combine to deliver a DTX Minnow that is stronger and more refined than those before it. 

Pressure Testing: Subject to rigorous strength and durability testing Nomad's Heavy Duty range goes through a quality control process second to none including a high pressure test simulating water pressure found at 300m/1000ft. 

Updated Terminals: The Heavy Duty concept extends to terminals with a set of updated BKK Diablo singles swinging off the DTX200HD. The 5X hooks feature a larger barb for increased holding power without significant decrease in penetration. 

The Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet remains an integral performance feature of the DTX200HD while the additional belly eyelet has been removed to further streamline the body design. 


DTX 180 HD

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