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  • Atlas 38 Deep Crank FLT 38mm

    The ATLAS CRANK 38mm is designed to go super deep and have a tight wiggle at slow speeds that will entice any fish to bite. With a diving depth of 3m+...

The Atlas Crank 38 represents maximum depth with minimum size. The Atlas Crank was designed to cast easily, go super deep and have an awesome wiggle and body roll at slow retrieve.

By positioning the tow point in the perfect location, we have achieved a super small lure that will dive to 3m/9ft+ when trolled and will reach 2.5m/8ft when casting. The action is a super aggressive wiggle created by the large bib and the flat part of the head that combine to give the extra action and depth.

Model Length Weight Uses
Atlas Deep Crank 38 Floating 38mm / 1.75" 4g / 0.1oz Cast & Trolling
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